Welcome to the Goldfish Society of Great Britain

The GSGB caters for everyone interested in goldfish from beginners to those who have kept and bred goldfish in all their varieties for many years.

Formed in 1948 we are the biggest Goldfish club in the UK with members in almost every county and city in England and throughout Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: and from North America, Asia, Australasia the Middle East and Europe.

We meet 6 times a year, produce a bi-monthly  full colour bulletin, hold an open show and auction each September and offer a member’s only website.

Membership offers all this and the opportunity to buy fish from breeders and access to some of the most knowledgeable goldfish breeders in the country.

Membership per year is as follows:

Bulletins by e-mail £15 UK and Worldwide; Bulletins by post £30, UK ONLY

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We are always excited to get new members in our society.
Come and join us today - attend one of our meetings on the events list as a guest or join as a member.
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Goldfish Colours

Goldfish Colours – Metallics
The normal metallic in goldfish colours, like my Veiltail above, is I guess instantly recognisable by us all. The normal metallic lustre comes from a substance underlying each scale called guanine. Metallics […]

Further selection

At this stage in the season you will have already removed the easily identifiable defective fish from your spawning but there will still be quite a number of fry to look after. The questions are […]

Indoor aquarium

This week’s topic continues the theme of the more common hobby of keeping Goldfish but this time in the home aquarium. For many years I have kept Goldfish indoors but the challenges of cleaning all […]


This week I thought I would venture away from the normal subject matters and talk briefly about Goldfish ponds. You might find this surprising but many members don’t have ornamental ponds. They will either have […]

Colour change


This week I thought we would get ahead of the game and talk about a change that will happen at some point in the future – the colour change of your Goldfish fry.

Starting with the […]

Changing Fry Foods


If your Goldfish spawned in mid April then depending on your budget and the development of the fry, you may well be considering ceasing the newly hatched Brine Shrimp in the next few weeks. If […]

Judges training

Our third meeting of the year is on Saturday 16 May and is the first away from central London. We will be meeting at the village hall in Kempshott, near Basingstoke (please see the events […]

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