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January 2015

Choosing a Goldfish Pair

As discussed last week, the topic for this week’s blog is the attributes of the male and female Goldfish used for the breeding pair. Many breeders use their show fish as their breeding Goldfish as they do not have the space necessary to keep separate stocks of breeding Goldfish and show Goldfish. As no fish [...]

The Goldfish Breeder during Winter

As I mentioned last week, this is a very quiet time with the Goldfish as they are cold (the weather this week and as forecast for next week means it is cold and quiet for Humans and Goldfish alike) so there isn’t much to report. The Goldfish, being Ranchu and London Shubunkins in my case, [...]

About our Chairman

Welcome to the new Goldfish Society of Great Britain blog. Each week we will give you a brief update on the Society and on our Goldfish. As this is the first entry, just a few words about the GSGB and about me. The Goldfish Society of Great Britain was founded in 1948 and is the [...]

Key Issues for keeping Goldfish

Key Issues for keeping Goldfish by David Gay Goldfish grow large and are messy. This means they need larger tanks (never bowls) and more work than a tropical community aquarium or the stories of the “goldfish in a bowl” might suggest. If they are kept in the home, even though the tank is unheated, the [...]

Goldfish Basics

A duty of care to your Goldfish Prepare for your Goldfish before you buy Goldfish enjoy companionship but they also need sufficient surface area to breathe and space to grow Always quarantine new stock for at least four weeks Allow tap water to stand for 24 hours and agitate the water with an aeration pump [...]