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February 2015

Conditioning Goldfish for Spawning

Conditioning your Goldfish for spawning will take several weeks and is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby. Your fish are warmed up and fully active, they are searching for food, and in need of your attention. You need to increase the protein content of their diet to ensure the fish are in [...]

Warming goldfish after Winter

This week I thought I would talk about the techniques used to warm fish out of their winter hibernation. I know we are still in the winter,but already we need to be planning for the Goldfish to spawn if we want them to do so in April or May. In my experience it takes about [...]

Goldfish containers

We left it last week with the issue of needing six containers to maintain two generations of Goldfish and have space for a couple more spawnings each year. This week I want to talk about the containers. I mentioned Plasterer’s Baths: they are a hard plastic tub, about 120cm x 60cm and 30 cm deep. [...]

Simple Goldfish Algorithms

Let’s assume you have two pairs of Fancy Goldfish. You need at least four containers for them and the fry from the two spawnings.As an absolute minimum you will need for 1.2m long aquariums (or other containers such as plasterer’s tubs, which are 120 x 60cm and work very well!). You would need two of [...]