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March 2015

Temperature for Goldfish Fry

We have talked about temperatures a lot already, but this week I wanted to consider them for the Goldfish fry. We discussed that breeding will normally take place at about 21C and that is a good temperature to hatch the eggs, which takes 3 – 4 days at that temperature. Goldfish eggs will hatch faster [...]

Feeding Goldfish Fry

This week, as we were talking about the spawning of Goldfish a couple of weeks ago, I thought we ought to move on feeding Goldfish fry. There are two basic approaches: one that is more expensive, but faster and more effective; and one that is cheaper and slower (but actually more challenging). There are several [...]

Next meeting, 21 March 2015

This week I want to tell you about the Goldfish Society of Great Britain’s upcoming meeting. We meet 5 times a year, plus our annual show, and we aim to provide informative meetings that will help all our members further their hobby, be they beginners or the most experienced breeders and exhibitors. At 2pm on [...]

Spawning Media

Last week we discussed the conditioning of the adult Goldfish. The final part of that process is the spawning media. No media will catch all the eggs they Goldfish lay and so the best approach is always to remove the adults and leave the eggs to hatch where they were laid. In that respect the [...]