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April 2015

Selecting Goldfish Fry

Last week we started feeding the Goldfish fry and very soon they will be growing fast and in need of a first selection. There are several reasons why we need to make a selection. The first is that there will be too many fry to raise if we don’t. Nature causes Goldfish to lay thousands [...]

A Goldfish Breeder’s Blog – North hampshire

      Saturday 4/4/15 The weather has been slowly improving. Day time temperatures in my neck of the woods are 8–12c and night time it is 3–6c. I’ve been feeding my fans on a protein-rich diet of bloodworm and small high protein pellets supplemented with flake food and wheatgerm. The males (5) and [...]


We have previously looked at conditioning the adult Goldfish for spawning, the sorts of media you will need, and the hatching times. As soon as the fry are free swimming that means they have used up their yolk sac and are looking for food. It is essential they are well fed immediately to get them [...]

Water Changes

Last week we discussed filters and I suggested that they are not the only option to maintain water quality. Even if you have effective filtration you will still need to make some water changes, probably weekly, but there are successful solutions that are not based on filtration. It is perfectly possible to maintain your Goldfish [...]


This week I thought I would move on to maintaining the Goldfish and so let’s discuss the surprisingly controversial issue of filters. We know the nitrogen cycle means that our Goldfish when fed produce ammonia and that it is poisonous. We know that in a biological filter the ammonia will be converted to nitrite, but [...]