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May 2015

Changing Fry Foods

  If your Goldfish spawned in mid April then depending on your budget and the development of the fry, you may well be considering ceasing the newly hatched Brine Shrimp in the next few weeks. If you are in that position, the next question is “what should be the next food?” Some of you will [...]

Judges training

Our third meeting of the year is on Saturday 16 May and is the first away from central London. We will be meeting at the village hall in Kempshott, near Basingstoke (please see the events section for full details). This is always a popular meeting as the village hall provides the ideal opportunity to bring [...]


We have talked previously about feeding your Goldfish fry, including the fact that the foods best suited to growing fry are expensive. This week we are going to discuss the implications of these foods for your Goldfish. Newly hatched Goldfish fry are just a few mm long and spend about 36 hours absorbing their yolk [...]