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June 2015

Further selection

At this stage in the season you will have already removed the easily identifiable defective fish from your spawning but there will still be quite a number of fry to look after. The questions are what do you look for and how do you make the choice? The questions are answered by a series of [...]

Indoor aquarium

This week’s topic continues the theme of the more common hobby of keeping Goldfish but this time in the home aquarium. For many years I have kept Goldfish indoors but the challenges of cleaning all the glass, not making a mess when water changing and maintaining a planted aquarium with fish that eat or up [...]


This week I thought I would venture away from the normal subject matters and talk briefly about Goldfish ponds. You might find this surprising but many members don’t have ornamental ponds. They will either have no ponds at all (as their chosen Goldfish varieties are not suited to them) or they will have stock ponds [...]

Colour change

  This week I thought we would get ahead of the game and talk about a change that will happen at some point in the future – the colour change of your Goldfish fry. Starting with the metallic fish, they will develop their olive green colouration as they develop their scales in the first few [...]