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July 2015


Our next meeting is always one of the best of the year – it is a visit to our President’s home in Essex. We are always sure of a warm welcome and some very interesting Goldfish chat over his extensive array of quality Goldfish in many varieties. John breeds Ranchu, Orandas, Veiltails, Bristol Shubunkins and [...]


At this time of year, many people are looking forward to their summer holiday, a week or two, or longer away from home relaxing. As part of your preparation you need to be thinking about your Goldfish. As starting point is to say that unless you are going for a very long time and you [...]


  Come the middle of June the temperatures naturally can vary very considerably – we might still be at 15C or we could be at 25C. In a greenhouse that can be an even wider range. You might need to consider shading and ventilation. This problem is one that goes on through the summer so [...]