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August 2015

Preparing for the Show

Last week we looked at initial selection of your Goldfish to show.  This week, having decided which fish to enter, we need to consider a few things to help you prepare. Let’s start with things you need to take with you on Show Day.  You will need buckets, with water your Goldfish are used to, [...]

Selecting fish to show.

Although the annual show is more than a month away (I will come back to it and the auction in the next few weeks) the time for preparation is already arriving. The first thing to consider is the classes that might be relevant to you.  For example, some classes require the entries to be Goldfish [...]

Colour Development

  By now, most of your fry from this year will be showing their colours.  Matts and Nacreous Goldfish will have been apparent for many weeks but even here the colours will be evolving and indeed for nacreous fish will do so for several years as the Goldfish mature. Metallic Goldfish can and do take [...]

Water Quality

August is typically a month of holidays and, hopefully, warm weather.  The Goldfish will be happy, growing and colourful.  However, it is also a month fraught with danger.  Humidity before a thunderstorm and a blocked airline can mean overcrowded Goldfish suffer oxygen depletion overnight; or despite a continued heavy feeding regime followed by a missed [...]


A few weeks ago I talked about the summer months and the impact of temperature on the oxygen content and therefore on the Goldfish.  You might also want to consider a few other issues: When you use an airstone that will break down the air to smaller bubbles and that can be very useful when [...]

Another selection or a (nearly) final selection?

By this stage you probably have had your fill of selecting young Goldfish.  You may have decided that whatever you have now you will take through the winter and into the next year.  Or, you may have decided that there are still a few too many.  If that is the case, now is a good [...]