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September 2015


We are now into the middle of September so temperatures are often a little inconsistent at this time of year – sometimes we get that lovely late summer warmth and other years autumn starts early with a cooler period (perhaps before it warms up, briefly, again).  This can play havoc with your Goldfish as they [...]

Returning from the Show

It might seem strange writing about bringing your fish back from a show before the show has even happened but you need to be prepared and to have thought about it so now is the time to get ready. It is possible your return will be after dark – have you adjusted the lights so [...]

The Open Show

  We have spoken over the last few weeks about the GSGB’s Open Show and it is now almost upon us.  The highlight of the year and everyone is welcome to join us to see some of the best Goldfish in the UK.  The GSGB Open Show has separate classes for all the recognised varieties [...]

The Auction.

As we rapidly approach the main event of the GSGB’s year – our Open Show - I thought it would be useful to explain a little more about the day as a whole and what might be of interest to anyone who is interested in quality Goldfish. The show is set up by a team [...]