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October 2016


In many ways, Autumn is the most challenging time of the year when it comes to temperatures. In Winter we expect the fish to be hibernating and in Spring we want to want them up while in summer warm temperatures are generally desirable. In Autumn however, we are looking to cool the fish down but [...]

Our final meeting of the year

Our final meeting of the year is on Sunday 30th October at 1:00pm at the Bromham Village Hall, Bromham, Beds, MK43 8JP. The meeting will replicate highly successful meetings we held in 2014 and 2015 in that a number of members will be bringing along a few of the Goldfish they have bred this year [...]


As the nights start to draw in, you need to be thinking about using artificial lighting as you want to extend the day so that your young Goldfish in particular can continue to eat for long periods and therefore continue to develop, grow and prepare for winter. Ideally you will start to time the lights [...]