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November 2016

Cooling down

For many Goldfish breeders this is a time of mixed tension and sadness and an opportunity to relax. You have allowed your Goldfish to cool down, you have stopped feeding and a couple of days later you have completed the last water change. The fish are now resting, the artificial lights are barely used, the [...]

Assessment of the year

Now is a good time to take a good hard look at the year just ending. What went well? Note it down (if you didn’t during the year) and keep a record. It is amazing how much you will forget come the relevant point next year? Similarly what went badly or needs changing? Do you [...]

Preparing to cool down

Now we are properly into autumn, the cooling process outlined previously is well under way – the meetings have all finished, the shows are over and there is no reason to take the Goldfish outside the fish house again this year. The focus now is preparing the Goldfish for the winter hibernation. Maintaining the temperatures [...]