GSGB Constitution

  • The work of the Society shall be devoted exclusively to the keeping, breeding, showing and studying of all characteristics of the Goldfish.
  • News and information shall be disseminated via The Bulletin which shall be issued periodically to every paid up Member.
  •  The best of Members’ surplus fish shall, where possible, be made available to other members before being disposed of elsewhere.
  •  All Members are expected to support the Society at all times and to do all in their power to safeguard its interests and to uphold its reputation.


1. A Committee comprising Chairman, President, Secretary, Treasurer, Show Secretary, Bulletin Editor and up to ten Lay Members shall deal with the business of the Society; the actual number of Lay Members to be determined by the Committee. The Committee may co-opt additional persons on to the Committee but co-optees are subject to election as Lay Members for any subsequent year. The Committee shall elect the President but all other Officers shall be elected by the Members at an Annual General Meeting.
2. All Officers, including the President, shall be elected for a period of three years and, to preserve continuity as far as possible, one third of the Committee will be elected each year in rotation as follows:-


  Year 1                                         Year 2                                       Year 3

  Chairman                                  Secretary                                 Treasurer

Show Secretary                       Bulletin Editor                           President

Lay Members as appropriate.

3. Vice Presidents may attend Committee Meetings as non-voting attendees.
4. Nominations for the Committee shall be submitted in writing, duly proposed and seconded, and to be in the Secretary’s hands by 31December preceding the A.G.M. Positions due for election to be announced in the November Bulletin.
5. Nominations for any post not filled in this way may be accepted by the Chairman from the floor at the A.G.M.
6. Any motion or proposal requiring to be voted on at the A.G.M. shall be submitted in writing, duly proposed and seconded and to be in the hands of the Secretary by 31 December preceding the A.G.M.
7. The A.G.M. shall be held within three months of the end of the Society’s Financial Year. An A.G.M. Bulletin shall be sent to every member as early as possible before the date of the A.G.M. This Bulletin shall include the Annual Reports of the Officers of the Society, including a copy of the audited Accounts, and all nominations, motions and proposals received by the Secretary by the due date.
8. Members/The Committee shall appoint two members as Auditors who shall have the right to have access to all the Society’s books of Accounts and supporting paperwork and seek any information or explanation that they determine to be relevant to their role. The Auditors may report to the Committee or members at the AGM either in person or in writing as and if they consider it necessary.
9. Every Member has all the rights and obligations of Ordinary Membership immediately on payment of the first subscription. Ordinary Membership is defined as one or more members living at the same address who receive one Bulletin and have one vote between them.
10. Any Member, including Officers, whose conduct is considered prejudicial to the Society, shall be called upon to furnish an explanation to the Committee who shall have the power to take any action deemed necessary.
11. Any Member wishing to initiate a complaint against another Member must do so in writing to the Secretary unless the complaint is against the Secretary in which case it should be lodged with the Chairman. Such complaint will be investigated by the Committee whose decision will be final.
12. The Financial and Membership year of the Society shall coincide with the calendar year. The annual subscription can only be varied following receipt of the relevant proposal as required by Rule 3 with any change agreed commencing with effect from the following 1 January.
13. A Joining Fee will be levied for any new member receiving Society communications other than by email. Such Joining Fee shall be determined by the Committee.
14. Annual subscriptions shall be due on 1 January and must be paid by the date of the A.G.M. each year. Any Member failing to pay by that date shall be deemed to be in arrears and no longer eligible for any of the benefits of membership.
15. The Committee shall be empowered to confer the following awards to Members which normally will be announced and presented at an A.G.M.

        • FELLOWSHIP awarded in recognition of meritorious service to the Society over a period of years.
        • DIPLOMA awarded in recognition of Members’ goldfish keeping achievements in establishing their own strain or development of a genetic feature. To be considered for a diploma, Members would have bred a particular variety/gene of Goldfish for at least five generations, have produced that variety to a very high standard, made their stock available to other Members of the Society and have disseminated their knowledge freely within the Society.
        • VICE PRESIDENT awarded in recognition of long service and outstanding contribution to the Society
        • LIFE MEMBERSHIP, the Society’s ultimate accolade, awarded in recognition of outstanding service and contribution to the Society over a “life time”.

16. No award confers any rights or privileges additional to those of Ordinary Membership other than the award of LIFE MEMBERSHIP where no subscription is payable.
17. Nominations for awards may be made in writing to the Secretary by any member at any time but decisions will be made by the Committee.
18. The Committee may appoint members as Representatives of the Society who shall take instruction from the Committee in order to fulfil their role and report back to the Committee on their actions and outcomes. Reasonable travelling expenses may be claimed in representing the Society.
19. Upon a request in Writing by at least 10 Members, the Secretary shall convene an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING. The request shall specify the purpose of the EGM, which must be consistent with the Constitution and Rules of the Society. The Resolution of the Members attending the EGM shall be final.
20. Any matters arising which are not specifically covered by these rules will be determined by the Committee whose decision will be final.