Now is a good time to take a good hard look at the year just ending. What went well? Note it down (if you didn’t during the year) and keep a record. It is amazing how much you will forget come the relevant point next year? Similarly what went badly or needs changing? Do you know why? Again, make a note and keep the records. What could you have done better or differently? Is there anything you want to try next year? Does it need planning ahead? New stock bought or new equipment perhaps?
Now is also a good time to photograph your fish – it is astonishing how they can change over time and without a photographic record you will never remember.
Record keeping is very useful and if you can capture the key details of the year you can look back in a year or two and see what you were doing and if things have deteriorated perhaps you may be able to see causes. Likewise if the strain is improving it can be gratifying to see the progress but there will always be something to work on!
From a personal perspective, I have been looking at the filtration / water change regime I use and also at the hopes I have for the development of my strain of Ranchu and what I need to do to improve them. For the most part this means some changes to my workload (an increase) as I need to spend more time in the fish house and especially increasing my brine shrimp production during the early months of the breeding season. Not sure where I will find the time though! Something to think about over the Winter.