For many Goldfish breeders this is a time of mixed tension and sadness and an opportunity to relax. You have allowed your Goldfish to cool down, you have stopped feeding and a couple of days later you have completed the last water change. The fish are now resting, the artificial lights are barely used, the days are short and the fish should now not be disturbed.
However, it is not as easy as that. First of all, that means there is nothing “fishy” to do for a few weeks, so that can cause some sadness – the lack of a hobby for a few weeks – but it is also an opportunity to relax and take your mind off the day to day chores in the fish house.
Instead, no doubt, most breeders will be a little tense – will those great young Goldfish cope with the cold? Will there be any storms or snow or just very cold spells that affect the fabric of the fish house or reduce the temperatures too low? Will there be any power outages or heater failures? Will any of the oldest fish struggle with what may turn out to be their final winter? It sounds bad, but these are just part of the annual cycle and need to be taken as such. If there is any maintenance on the fish house, inside or out, and it won’t disturb the fish, now is the last time to do it before the Spring.
It is also very quickly a time to think, plan and get excited. Now you can start thinking about the spawnings you want next year and do you have enough of the right equipment – heaters, spawning mops, brine shrimp hatchers etc and to plan how many packs of brine shrimp eggs you may need.
The winter only lasts a few weeks in these terms – from mid December to mid February, before I start to warm up the Goldfish again, so it is surprising how that time flies and how useful it is to recharge the batteries ready for the next breeding season.