The Celestial has telescope eyes that point upwards (to give the variety its name) and is a twin tail with no dorsal fin. The variety is frequently imported and can be seen in local fish shops, often with a long tail and a thin body. However, the standard requires a much stockier body with a shorter tail so breeders have to work hard to meet the show bench requirements. The challenge of getting a fish with that body shape and finnage, the smooth back and both eyes pointing up is not easy. The Celestial splits opinions as to its attractiveness but given the numbers in the shops it is clearly commercially popular. Not a fish for the complete beginner but not one that requires truly specialist knowledge. The Celestial is virtually never seen in nacreous form, only in metallic, though attempts to develop the nacreous scale type are ongoing. The Celestial was developed in the Far-East for viewing from above so tubs and ponds are better homes than aquariums for showing them off to their best.