Common Goldfish/ London Shubunkin

Probably the most famous fish in the world, and the origin for all the varieties, the show quality Common Goldfish is not in anyway common. A strong, smoothly curved body  with no sign of a hump or snout, perfect scales and finnage with colour that is out of this world makes the Common Goldfish a very difficult fish to breed to the highest standards. Gold doesn’t do the colour justice – a deep red is required, or a strong yellow, but gold or orange isn’t good enough. The London Shubunkin is the nacreous scale type variant (see the blog on scale types). Here the fish must be predominantly deep blue with patches of black and ideally red (though orange and yellow may be seen). Both varieties will grow large, look fabulous in a pond, are hardy, and will breed readily but  difficult to raise to show standards. A beginner’s fish for keeping but the standard set at shows is so high they are not really ideal for the newcomer to breed as selecting the best fish is very difficult and involves raising very large numbers of young fish.