Our final meeting of the year is on Sunday 30th October at 1:00pm at the Bromham Village Hall, Bromham, Beds, MK43 8JP. The meeting will replicate highly successful meetings we held in 2014 and 2015 in that a number of members will be bringing along a few of the Goldfish they have bred this year to discuss what has gone well and not so well, what they have learned, what questions they have and where they hope to take their Goldfish breeding next year.
As the members will be talking about a number of different varieties the issues will vary subtly and there is a lot to be learned from an informed discussion especially when the Goldfish are there to be seen and the discussion gets going – which is usually about 10 seconds after we start with the first lot of Goldfish. It may seem like we are asking members to provide mini presentations but actually it is more like starting a conversation than giving a presentation so no one should be put off.
Nor should anyone whose year has been less successful than they hoped be put off. We all have good and bad years and it is by learning from the mistakes (and often that is easier when you are discussing the problems with other people) that we all improve.
From my own perspective I will be talking about the trials and tribulations of breeding two very different varieties, the calico Oranda and the Ranchu. The attributes, body shapes, colours and requirements of these two are in many ways quite far apart so it is very much not a case of “one size fits all” when it comes to rearing them. After a number of years of raising Fantails this is my second full year with Ranchu and my first (and only) with the Orandas so I am still on a very steep learning curve. I am hoping there will be some members present who want to take on the Orandas and will take some off my habds as well as others who can help me understand better where I am going wrong and what I can do to improve the quality of my Ranchu next year.
We will also give members one further opportunity to sell any surplus stock they may have remaining – again, completely free of commission or charges. All in all, it should be a great day to round off the year’s activities.