Welcome to the Goldfish Society of Great Britain

The GSGB caters for everyone interested in goldfish from beginners to those who have kept and bred goldfish in all their varieties for many years.

Formed in 1948 we are the biggest Goldfish club in the UK with members in almost every county and city in England and throughout Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: and from North America, Asia, Australasia the Middle East and Europe.

We meet 6 times a year, produce a bi-monthly  full colour bulletin, hold an open show and auction each September and offer a member’s only website. The member’s only website currently offers access to over 25 years old Bulletins.

Membership offers all this and the opportunity to buy fish from breeders and access to some of the most knowledgeable goldfish breeders in the country.

Membership per year is as follows:

  • New Member with email Bulletins: £30
  • New Member with printed Bulletins: £45
  • Existing Member with email Bulletins: £15
  • Existing Member with printed Bulletins: £30

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Society News and Information

The Open Show

  We have spoken over the last few weeks about the GSGB’s Open Show and it is now almost upon us.  The highlight of the year and everyone is welcome to join us to see [...]

The Auction.

As we rapidly approach the main event of the GSGB’s year – our Open Show - I thought it would be useful to explain a little more about the day as a whole and what [...]

Preparing for the Show

Last week we looked at initial selection of your Goldfish to show.  This week, having decided which fish to enter, we need to consider a few things to help you prepare. Let’s start with things [...]

Selecting fish to show.

Although the annual show is more than a month away (I will come back to it and the auction in the next few weeks) the time for preparation is already arriving. The first thing to [...]

Colour Development

  By now, most of your fry from this year will be showing their colours.  Matts and Nacreous Goldfish will have been apparent for many weeks but even here the colours will be evolving and [...]

Water Quality

August is typically a month of holidays and, hopefully, warm weather.  The Goldfish will be happy, growing and colourful.  However, it is also a month fraught with danger.  Humidity before a thunderstorm and a blocked [...]

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