It might seem strange writing about bringing your fish back from a show before the show has even happened but you need to be prepared and to have thought about it so now is the time to get ready.

It is possible your return will be after dark – have you adjusted the lights so you will be able to see your way around the fish house?  Equally, if it has been a warm day and / or you have had the heaters on in the car, the fish may now be a good deal warmer than the tub or aquarium you are returning them to.  No matter what, the fish will be stressed by two moves and some time in a show tank in one day.  They will need time to recover – warmth, good food (starting tomorrow!) and peace and quiet.  You also need to think about water quality and it is possible that they might have had water from another fish’s show tank enter their tank so you want to put them in quarantine away from the rest of your fish for a couple of weeks (or more) until you are satisfied they haven’t caught anything.  It is very unlikely anyone would take sick fish to a show (both because exhibitors are careful and diligent fishkeepers and because a sick fish will have no possibility of winning, so why bother?) but the stress of the day might weaken the fish a little and allow ailments a toehold – hence the importance of preparing them beforehand.  So, have a suitable tub available for when you get home and keep your kit – eg the net you used – separate too until you have disinfected it.